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Details: Flowtoys is honored to present the next level in the evolution of poi – podpoi. Years of engineering and development, consciously designed in every aspect, podpoi feature many modes and functions ranging from awesome poi trails to scientific strobing to gorgeous mood lighting. Each mode is adjustable either in color, speed, brightness or pattern. Micro-USB charge-port, all-night runtime and a variety of charging options make it a breeze to keep your poi running during festivals and travel. Made of silicone – the most non-toxic and environmentally-friendly plastic available – podpoi are super-cushy on impact and virtually indestructible. Podpoi - an evolution of our commitment to spreading the beauty and joy of movement and light.



Do they come with handles and leashes? Chargers?
Podpoi come with adjustable flowleashes. Podpoi come with the option of a free pair of usb cables. You can also get more cables, usb wall adaptors, a usb car charging adaptor and/or a portable power pack.

How much does it weigh/how big is it?
The complete podpoi head weighs 128g, and it is designed with most of the weight towards the end, so it spins like a much heavier poi head, but with less energy required. It is 118mm long and 66mm in diameter (4.6 x 2.6 inches).

What is it made of?
The pod shell is made of pure silicone rubber– the most environmentally-friendly and non-toxic plastic available. Silicone is also very easy to clean, and does not discolor or absorb dirt. If your pod shells are dirty for whatever reason, you can remove the light unit and put the shell in the dishwasher.

The hard plastic parts are made of polycarbonate – the most durable hard plastic available.

Does it hurt when I hit myself?
Well a pillow could hurt you, but these are possibly the most cushy glow poi ever! The silicone is kinda magical, a really hard hit to the head or face might make you wince, but you’re not gonna feel it later. It’s so nice to have poi that don’t hurt – they free you up to learn new moves and find new ways to express yourself.

Is it durable?
They are virtually indestructible! We tried to break them. A roomful of excited poi spinners tried. After repeatedly smashing them against the ground and against a table as hard as they could, the parts came apart on the hardest hits, eventually some parts stopped working, but the light kept going.

How do I adjust, assemble and disassemble it?
Adjusting your leash is the first step towards optimizing your podpoi experience. Check out the video, where Sean show you how to adjust your leash, assemble and disassemble your podpoi.


There are 10 adjustable modes and 3 modes with preset patterns. The 10 basic modes are adjustable and allow you to create an infinite number of unique patterns and color combinations.


Can I adjust the modes?
Yes, each mode has one aspect that can be adjusted. Depending on the mode, the color/color palette OR the speed OR the brightness can be adjusted. There is also a presets mode where you can select from 10 preset patterns; a nocturnal mode where you can access all the base patterns, all set to run for over 15 hours; and a favorites mode where you can find your 10 most recently saved modes/adjustments.

How bright are they?
They are very bright, sometimes too bright! But not so bright that you wouldn’t want to spin with them, or blind your friends. There are 4 super-bright RGB LEDs, that’s 12 LEDs total being driven to their max. The pod is designed for optimum light dispersion.


How long does it last?
Most modes last 6 hours or more! Nocturnal mode has all the main modes set to run for a minimum of 15 hours. In our tests, some modes lasted over 24 hours. And they appeared plenty bright.

How can I tell how much charge is left?
There is an easy-to-use charge indicator! When off, press and hold the button. The light will blink a color indicating your charge level - ranging from red to green - and fade out.

Red = really low, less than 10% left
Orange = okay, about 50% left
Yellow = should last a while, 50-90%
Green = good to go! 90% or more
Note Colors are approximate. Runtimes vary greatly with different modes.

How do I charge it?
Podpoi are micro-USB rechargeable. You can plug them into any USB power source with a micro-USB cable. We provide cables, but you also use any standard micro-USB cable. Common USB sources include:

  • computers and laptops with built-in USB jacks
  • solar USB chargers
  • cell phone/mobile device charging stations commonly found in airports, malls and events

How long does it take to charge?
It takes about 2-3 hours to fully charge, though the batteries are 90% charged within the first hour.

How long does it hold its charge?
Well over a year!

Is the battery replaceable?
Yes, the battery will probably last you many years, but if you ever need to replace it you can do so with basic soldering skills, or by sending in to us to be replaced for a small service fee. The internal battery is soldered in place to ensure a reliable and impact-proof electrical connection.


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