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Introducing the eLite eNova: The Emazing Team has reimagined one of the most popular OG microlights available and stuck it in a smaller, customizable and more powerful package! The eNova chip packs tons of features such as 20 customizable colors, 3 eNova specific modes (Ribbon/Solid, DOP, eBlink) and sports a unique Ultrabright clear LED bulb (sunglasses seriously recommended) - did we mention it fits in ALL eLite casings!

3 Second Timer for Perfect Impacts

What makes this chip truly special is its perfectly implemented 3 second mode timer that is activated by holding down and releasing the power button; this also allows users to easily switch between modes without having to focus on the light. With some practice and creativity, this set up offers maximum customization and a whole new aspect of gloving for you to explore and amaze for viewers!

eLite eNova - The Choice is Clear

The eLite eNova is bright enough to melt faces! The light comes outfitted with an Ultrabright Clear LED bulb meaning this bad boy has a super hot focal point ensuring you the most ultimate impact moves. Featuring the ability to add "blanks" to your color choices, you can create 3C, 2C and 1C color combinations, which means you can set up your colors exactly how you want them without ever having to buy new bulbs again! Best yet, our eLite eNova chips are compatible with all existing eLite casings which means you can use standard size CR1616 and CR1620 batteries. Our eNova chips are easily used with diffusers and make a great full glove set as well!

This Glove Set contains the following:

  • 10 x eLite eNova Glove Lights
  • 10 x Clear eLite 4.0 Casings (installed)
  • 20 x CR1620 Batteries (installed)
  • 10 x Standard LED Diffusers (installed)
  • 1 x Pair Medium Magic Stretch Gloves
  • Instruction Booklet
  • PVC Carrying Case

  • Your eLite eNova will come with three preset colors: RGB (Red, Green, Blue).

The eNova has been designed to be easy to use and still offer full customization and powerful functionality:

  • Your eNova will come pre-programmed with a RBG color set.
  • With the light off, click and hold the button to enter the color selection menu. When you find a color you like (flickering white is "blank"), simply click and hold to set the color. Note: Selecting 1 color and 2 'blanks' will make the first mode a Solid - selecting 2 or 3 colors will display the first mode as a Ribbon.

Using the 3-Second Timer

  • To switch between modes, simply click the button while the light is already turned on. You can also switch between modes by holding down the button within the three second timer and letting go - this will bring you into the next mode (doing this in 3rd mode will turn the light off upon release) Remember: Your lights will switch between modes as long as you make another click within the 3 second timer. If the time passes three seconds, your light will turn off on the next button click and start on mode 1 when you click it back on.
  • Examples: OFF - click - Mode 1 (wait 3+ seconds) - click - light is off
  • OFF - click - Mode 1 (click within 3 seconds) - Mode 2
  • OFF - click - Mode 1 (click and hold within 3 seconds seconds) - let go of button - Mode 2

The 3 second timer takes patience and an added layer of skill:

  • Practice starting in the first mode and keeping your finger held down on the button. Release your finger off the button within the 3 second timer and the light will come back on in the next mode. Press down, hold and release to enter mode three. You can hold down past the 3 second timer at any time and upon release, the light will return to its OFF position.
  • To turn off the light, you have two options: Either click the button after the 3 second timer passes OR hold the button down and release after the 3second timer has passed.

  • You can easily change your colors one color set at a time! Simply turn your light on, find the color set you want to change and click and hold the on/off button until the light turns off and quickly turns on again with an orange flash - you are now in the color selection menu.
  • In color selection mode, each button click will bring you to a different color. When you find a color you like (flickering white is "blank"), simply click and hold to set the color. Once you have selected your three colors, the chip will quickly play back your three color choices and return to normal 3-mode functionality.
  • If you mess up your color set or want to return your light to factory defaults (RGB), simply click and hold the on/off button for 10 seconds when your light is off. Your light will flash white and turn back on in its default settings.

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